About the Artist


A metalsmith and jewelry artist, I love creating and wearing unique and beautiful jewelry.  I have taken art classes including drawing, painting, 3-D design and jewelry/metalsmithing at The Glassell Studio School in Houston, as well as numerous workshops and courses covering many aspects of jewelry making.

I enjoy wearing and creating unique handcrafted jewelry pieces that are uncommon and interesting. Utilizing a variety of metals and techniques, with an emphasis on high quality craftsmanship, I  incorporate shape, texture and color into my work.

My professional background is in public health and I am a mother.  From the initial contact I had with a local children's shelter in 2016, I felt an undeniable calling to help.  After volunteering for 2 years, in the spring of 2018, the idea hit me.  If I could combine my love of creating jewelry along with helping this population in some way, it would not only make sense based on my background, but it would be truly worthwhile and purposeful. 

In all of my collections, part of myself goes into each piece of jewelry that I create.  In designing and creating jewelry, my hope is that the wearer appreciates the design and craftsmanship, finds meaning in the piece, and most of all, experiences joy each time it is worn.