Shiny Loops shapes and their meaning


A circle has universal meaning and represents wholeness, inclusivity and unending support.


An organic shape, the cloud represents dreams. Every child should have hopes and dreams and be able to realize dreams of a positive future. 


A heart represents health, compassion, understanding, affection and love, and all children are deserving of love.


A star can serve as a guide, and our hope is that homeless children will have positive people and messages in their lives, perhaps some of us, that will help guide them down a road that leads them to brighter tomorrows. 

Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle may be worn by anyone wanting to show support of homeless children who identify as LGBT, who are so worthy of love, of feeling safe and in having pride in themselves.

We can all help...

As individuals, communities and a society as a whole, we can help. Contact organizations within your community that help homeless youth and ask them what is needed.